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A MUST READ – An Open Letter To Daddy Freeze From A 16-year-old Boy

A MUST READ – An Open Letter To Daddy Freeze From A 16-year-old Boy

Read the Full Letter Below: 

I wanna make an inquiry. My aims are not to affront you in any case, simply inquisitive.

I’ve adapted direct that the majority of these ministers you talk about don’t pressure or power the general population to pay. They constantly out of liberality push themselves to provide for these ministers. Presently, If you ask the holy places or ministers not to get backings or tithes from the assembly, how would you anticipate that the congregation will develop and extend the educating of Gods word?? Or on the other hand would you say you are stating the chapels require not to be kept running by any means?? Regardless of whether this enormous righteous men all of a sudden summary, are the places of worship going to rundown as well??

I figure what you ought to unsettle for is that ministers should be responsible and appropriately utilize this cash to encourage the poor. You battling an all out war against the congregation, I said this on account of the manner in which you assaulted the experience program which isn’t a stage to blackmail tithe or assets from the general population.

Because of current circumstances, you come against whatever relates to places of worship. There are huge amounts of astute individuals in the USA, Canada, China, created nations like that, still, their holy places pay tithes and bolster the service.

The Catholic Church gets tithes and contributions, there’s no congregation on the planet that doesn’t get tithe and support from her gathering, in the event that they don’t, by what other means will the gospel advance. On the off chance that your battle is against the responsibility of Nigerian ministers, that’d be so reasonable and intelligent, however this overflowed upheavals against anything church in Nigeria is as I would see it unnecessary.

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I have never in my 16 years of presence heard where assemblies are pressured to pay tithe or bolster the congregation. In champs house of prayer, there’s even a stage where cash are loan to borrowers with no enthusiasm, There’s where after each administration, nourishment , garments and so forth are shared among individuals that require them. In the cell association focuses in Winners Chapel, you can converse with your cell pastors when you are in need and those requirements would be met going from paying school charges to paying rents, etc, you can’t reveal to me that is a lie cuz I am living declaration to that. The transports forward and backward Canaanland used to be free until the point when running them turned out to be hard, now it’s without solitary for new believers.

So this things aren’t kept running on leaves however cash. Also, this assembly are constantly upbeat to provide for the congregation. After all when individuals spend tremendous sum in clubs on alcohol, on bet, or on the destitute, on relatives, for companions, on propensities, on hubbies… ..when individuals spend on these elements nobody whines. So for what reason is that you see providing for chapel as a waste?

You accuse the congregation for our nation being the world neediness capital of the world. Do you need champs house of prayer or reclaimed or MFM to begin running Nigeria with the commitments of its assemblies? Commitments that regardless you slam them about? Envision what Bishop Oyedepo has finished with pledge University of 10 years, now suppose he approaches an immense national assets that UI or OAU appreciates. For what reason would you say you are rebuking the congregation for the countries destitution??

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Was Jesus responsible for the country’s economy in his time? Is it accurate to say that he was responsible for military? Responsible for open clinics? In the event that you need the congregation to assume control over the undertakings of Nigeria, for what reason don’t you beg the administration to handover to the congregation?? There’s the legislature and there’s the congregation. Both have their capacities. The congregation can just voice out and prompt the legislature on what to do, it’s left for the administration to make a move.

I know obviously that stop would turn and turn and punctuation everybody against his assessment down yet I think by the day’s end he knows reality.