Olusegun Mimiko Emerges As ZLP Presidential Candidate Ahead Of 2019 Election | FolyMedia

Olusegun Mimiko Emerges As ZLP Presidential Candidate Ahead Of 2019 Election | FolyMedia

The Zenith Labour People (ZLP) on Sunday selected earlier regulator of Ondo State, Dr Olusegun Mimiko, as its presidential applicant for the 2019 election.

Mimiko was nominated as a consensus applicant by members of the faction in Abuja at its nationalized convention.

The past head held that he would levearage on the party’s communal elected ideological orientation to induce Nigerians to handiwork with him.

According to NAN, he alleged with the party’s pedigree, he will not declare fault substantial Nigerians why the person is the favored choice for them in the elections of 2019.

“As a group free party, committed to the permanent main beliefs of agreeable governance, utilitarianism and a efficient centralized system for Nigeria, ZLP is film set to capture the mind’s eye of Nigerians.

“The troop will go ahead the manner of renewing the Republic.

“I am definitely committed to a programme of reformation the Nigerian federation.

“This is with a view to affording every segment of the country the opening and privilege of enlargement at its confess pace.

“This will be made in such a mode that the become old extended beauty in competitive progress will be smarmy tapped,” he said.

Mimiko thought that he was convinced beyond any doubt, that such shake-up would transfer exhaust to the general feeling of Nigerians.

He new that the force of accomplishment, which had completed stars of unique Nigerians altogether over the world, would be ignited again.

Mimiko urged the members of the group not to be scared by the large parties, but concentrate on the dimension and significance of ZLP ideas.

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The past chief in addition called on the someone to focus on the purity of its ideological commitment.

“We duty focus on our compassion for the weak and the underprivileged in society.
“We have got to focus on the clarity of dream and attention that we get to the forefront for Nigerians, as we shot into the elections,” he said.