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“Shaku Shaku Is A Dance Done By Criminals” – Twitter User Says

“Shaku Shaku Is A Dance Done By Criminals” – Twitter User Says

A Nigerian twitter account has taken to the stage to give understanding on the cause of famous move, ‘shaku’.

His tweets read:-

The vast majority don’t have the foggiest idea about that the Shaku move is a move done by culprits when they are on cuffs otherwise known as Shackles, consequently the name ‘Shackles’. The underneath picture portrays when a cop is putting a cuff on a criminal #Thread

The shaku move beneath is the point at which the criminal is influencing a telephone to call from the phone to his kill ruler of a sweetheart to come and safeguard him.#Thread

The kill ruler at the opposite end accepting his telephone call after a hot sex with his companion.

At the point when the kill ruler touches base with the safeguard cash and the criminal joyfully extends his hands so the policeman can evacuate the Shackles. This is reality about the Shaku move. Try not to contend about this in the event that you’ve never been captured. #EndSars #ShakuShaku

See underneath:-

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