Fan Spends N6.7m On Lip Filler To Look Like This American Star (Pictures)

Fan Spends N6.7m On Lip Filler To Look Like This American Star (Pictures)

An insane Kylie Jenner fan has spent an astounding Β£14,000 (N6.7 million) on lip filler alone, just to resemble the unscripted television star.

James Holt, 24, from Manchester, never felt really content with his normal look and his greatest frailties were forever his lips, until the point when he turned 16 and had his first of numerous fillers.

As indicated by Metro UK, he has had his fillers spill out of his lips in light of the fact that there was excessively in them, yet he keeps on arranging his next strategies and still gets his lips topped-up at regular intervals.

James savored the inclination he got after his initially round of fillers and realized that he would continue having them, regardless of what his loved ones said.

Up until this point, James has spent a sum of Β£14,000 on his lips alone. And in addition having his lips done each two to four months, James has likewise had two nose occupations, Botox like clockwork, teeth brightening two times every year and Botox infusions into his armpits to avert perspiring.

James ventured out abroad to Poland for his nose employments, with every one costing Β£4,000. The Botox method has set James back Β£12,000 as he has been doing it since the age of 18, and a further Β£4,000 on cheek fillers and in addition Β£1,000 on button fillers.

“I wasn’t content with my characteristic look, yet I feel good with this phony look,” said James.

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“I began when I was 16 when I discovered somebody who might give me lip fillers, and I believe it has better with time. I like going to various individuals to have work done on the grounds that distinctive methods they can utilize. It adds to my face.

“I’ve for the longest time been itching to change my face in the wake of seeing celebs doing it, so I thought I’d begin with my lips and getting Botox infusions.

“It felt awesome after the first run through and I knew I’d get more.”