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“Buhari’s 3 Years Is Better Than Obasanjo’s 8 Years” – Former Minister Of Information

“Buhari’s 3 Years Is Better Than Obasanjo’s 8 Years” – Former Minister Of Information 

Ruler Tony Momoh, a previous Minister of Information was the national administrator of the ancient Congress for Progressives Change (CPC) which later converged with some political gatherings to shape the decision All Progressives Congress (APC).

In this meeting with TEMIDAYO AKINSUYI in Abuja, he talks on President Muhammadu Buhari’s statement for reelection, previous president Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter and most recent advancements in the decision party.


The president’s announcement created blended responses from Nigerians with numerous adage he has not done what’s necessary to justify a moment term. What is your interpretation of this?

On the off chance that they trust he has not done anything in his first term, at that point they have the alternative of voting him out. In the event that they can marshal the votes to vote him out, goodluck to them. I was telling somebody around couple of minutes back that don’t take a gander at what Buhari has neglected to do, likewise take a gander at what could have happened if Buhari had not been there

One noteworthy thing that could have happened if Buhari was not chosen is that the vast majority of us getting a charge out of Abuja and talking peace could never have been around in light of the fact that Boko Haram would have overran Abuja.

That is the clearest risk that was averted by Buhari’s coming. Whatever individuals say in regards to whether Boko Haram has been debased or not, the truth of the matter is, in the North East today, Boko Haram isn’t holding any region.

Heaps of individuals have now come back to their ranches. Another reality is that today, we are not utilizing all our monies in bringing in nourishment. The way that we have likewise escaped subsidence is another in addition to.

Take a gander at the South-East, in 16 years aftereffects of presidential race were composed up. 99 percent of the outcomes were composed up and there is no uncertainty about that.

In spite of the fact that Buhari did not have in excess of 5 percent in the vast majority of the territories, I am certain that there is no chance to get in the 2019 presidential decision, Buhari will get at least 25 percent that necessities in the South East and South.

That is one territory that many individuals don’t consider that he will make advances in those regions.

Buhari has completed a considerable measure for those districts over the most recent three years and I am certain that they will value him with votes. For example, Onitsha-Enugu street, go there today and see what the Buhari government has done.

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What PDP neglected to do in 16 years has been finished. Enugu-Okigwe-Port Harcourt you can pass that street today. Additionally, the disintegration locales are being tended to.

Likewise, take a gander at the standardized savings modified of the national government, the one dinner for every day. In this way, a considerable measure of things are being finished by the Buhari government. Power is being produced from 3,000mw to 7,000mw.

Things are going on. Take a gander at the accomplishments in TSA and BVN. The blockages are there for the general public’s viewing pleasure. The loss of the bandits is the pick up of the framework. The economy isn’t full time blast, joblessness is still there. Yet, it is out of line for anybody to state things are not happening.

There were reports that he once said on the off chance that he moves toward becoming president, he will just serve one term. For what reason do you think he is altering his opinion now?

Buhari never said he will challenge for a solitary term. Buhari I know will never say as much. Truth be told, he said he won’t challenge again after the 2011 decision. I was the national administrator of CPC and I said ‘quiets down! You are an individual from CPC. The gathering chooses where you go to. You are just an individual thus he bowed to the desires of the gathering.

Things being what they are, he never said he will do a solitary term yet regardless of whether he said so would he be able to not alter his opinion? Yet, I am stating that he didn’t say as much. He is unavoidably met all requirements to challenge twice. We have individuals who battled for third term in this nation.

This man has not by any means challenged for second term and you are stating he ought not challenge. On the off chance that you are an individual from the gathering and you are advising individuals not to challenge, it will be justifiable. Yet, you have a place with different gatherings and you are telling somebody in which party you are not a part not very challenges.

Individuals should regard themselves, generally a few people will take issues with them .

Previous President, Olusegun Obasanjo has prompted President Buhari not to look for reelection in 2019, refering to his non-execution as case. Do you think his call is legitimized?

I would prefer not to say anything defamatory in regards to Obasanjo. I regard him, he is very cerebral and he is of high outcome in our nation.

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In 1979, he gave us Peugeot as official auto and Volkswagen. In 1999 when he returned, he jettisoned Peugeot as official auto brought Jeep. He lamented the penances he made up till 1979 and needed to carry on with an existence of richness after 1999.

Obasanjo was extremely exceptionally poor when he left jail in 1998 yet when he cleared out office, he wasn’t a poor man. Up to the time he returned to office in 1999, he was saying anything in regards to whoever came.

After 1999 and up till now, he has had a say in who is there. In any case, the truth of the matter is that Obasanjo’s importance in political estimation has restrictions since the votes will tally toward the day’s end. I am content with his guts since he realizes that he can’t hazard setting up a political gathering that will win a decision. In the event that he does and the gathering loses, he is done politically. Thus, he won’t attempt it. On the off chance that he says Buhari ought not look for reelection, it is his own business to say as much.

There is flexibility of articulation however he doesn’t have the powers to stop Buhari. He doesn’t have what it takes politically to stop Buhari.

A few people have guaranteed that once Obasanjo moves against any president, such a president can’t get a moment term as saw in the last presidential race where the officeholder, Goodluck Jonathan lost.

Do you additionally share that view?

Obasanjo won’t get associated with any upset and no overthrow in Nigeria that is opposed at any point succeeded. All in all, by what means will he expel Buhari and put someone else there? Will he call the Yorubas, Northerners, South Easterners and South to vote against Buhari?

You were affirmed to have said Nigerians should stone APC pioneers if the gathering neglected to perform in two years. Do you think the gathering and President Buhari have performed to the desires of Nigerians?

Indeed, I said stone us on the off chance that we didn’t perform yet we have performed. Take a gander at the economy, we left retreat. Take a gander at the transformation in agribusiness; take a gander at what we have likewise accomplished in the region of battling debasement. I make striking to state that there is no president since 1999 that has executed as Buhari has done?

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It is safe to say that you are stating in three years President Buhari outperformed Obasanjo’s accomplishments in eight years?

Indeed, by a long shot! From 1999 to 2003, there were parallel administration, Obasanjo and Atiku.

Obasanjo burned through one year going out of his initial four years. He cleared out administration to Atiku to such a degree, to the point that Atiku was making major decisions. I was working for Ekwueme and we were talking about with Atiku to keep running with Ekwueme.

Lamentably, Obasanjo went to meet Atiku, I don’t realize what understanding they came to however the truth of the matter is that Atiku altered his opinion. Whenever Obasanjo and Atiku won the 2003 decision, individuals from Adamawa sent an assignment to Obasanjo approaching him to help Atiku for 2007. I was composing my segment that time in Democracy Watch and I anticipated that the main setback of Obasanjo’s arrival in 2003 will be Atiku. In the vicinity of 2003 and 2007, Obasanjo invested the most energy endeavoring to separate Atiku.

In 2005, in light of the fact that the spirit of PDP was PDM, Atiku’s gathering on whose stage Obasanjo got the opportunity to control, the then PDP director, Ahmadu Ali declared that PDP had sacked everyone and they ought to go and re-enroll yet the guideline was PDM individuals, Atiku’s kin ought not be enlisted thus they deregistered PDM.

Atiku and Obasanjo were such a great amount at loggerheads that Atiku as Vice – President had no work to do and he was subsidizing his office with his own cash.

Obasanjo even needed to expel him as his agent however the courts cannot. So in Obasanjo’s eight years, he put in the initial three years attempting to discover his feet, he at that point spent the most recent year settling down.

In any case, the following four years that he would have sat down to do his work, he was caught up with utilizing it to destablise Atiku and in this way destabilizing the country.

After the eight years has gone, he now needed Third Term which Nigerians kicked against.

Obasanjo’s originating from 1999 to 2007 was a period that he would have extremely constructed Nigeria simply like Rwanda and different nations did yet those eight years were the best debacle in our majority rule government venture.