Get In Here: Here are 11 Ways to Last Longer when you make love

Get In Here: Here are 11 Ways to Last Longer when you make love

For the longest time men have been obsessed with increasing the size of their “package” without realizing there’s more than just size to become the ultimate lovemaking machine. After all, a weapon is only as good as the skill of the wielder, as folk wisdom says. And knowing how to last longer in bed is one big way to make you stand out among men.

And indeed, women agree that someone who lasts longer in bed easily trumps a 10-incher anytime. Proving men should pay more attention to improving their overall performance rather than enhancing their length and girth.

How to last longer in bed

Remember, good S3@.x:’ is like a tourist bus taking the scenic route–slow and steady. And for those guys who find themselves under a timer when the action begins–never fear, there are numerous techniques both simple and complex to make you last longer in bed.

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***Avoid overstimulation. Let’s admit it, being inside her feels really good. It feels good that when you reach the point of no return, you realize that it’s just been a measly three minutes.

Being overstimulated leads to premature ejaculation even for healthy males in their prime. So here are some tips to delay your org@.$m and make you last longer.

1. Masturbate before having S3x:’. This is the easiest go-to technique that most guys know and do. Masturbating an hour or 30 minutes before lets you release that pent-up arousal that leads you to finishing quickly.

When a guy ejaculates, it releases endorphins which regulate your body’s functions to a more relaxed state giving you more control of your man parts. Also, releasing that S3.x:’ual energy through masturbation gives you time to build it up again through foreplay, making you last longer.

2. Avoid S3:’y, stimulating thoughts. It is natural to get caught in the moment during S3.x:’. The overall pleasure of being inside while seeing her S3@.x:’ face and hearing her moans can just be the minor trigger for you to prematurely org@.$m.

As funny as it sounds, reducing this positive feedback by thinking unS3@.x:’y stuff distracts you from the moment and makes you last longer than a minute or two.

Thinking unS3@.x:’y thoughts disconnects the overload of sensations that flows from your Pen.!s to your brain preventing it from sending signals that urge you to org@.$m. So next time, think of something heavy and serious like mathematics, rocket science, or your favorite dramatic movie moment to keep you from going off.

3. Change positions when you’re nearing ejaculation. Changing positions when you feel you’re almost there puts a brake on the urge to ejaculate. Not only that it’s unassuming under the ruse that you simply want to switch positions, the need to move around puts your mind off the heat of the moment calming your raging boner back to its working level.

4Focus on having a long foreplay.Most would think that this is a bad idea since foreplay only serves to get you heated up for the fight. However, if you focus more on a long foreplay, it creates the opposite effect.

Having a long foreplay session allows you to focus your mind on another task other than getting an org@.$m from intercourse. It lessens your chance to blow your load quickly, compared to if you do it after a short foreplay session.

5The Squeeze. The “squeeze” is a little trick where you press on either the base of your Pen.!s or on your perineum *the patch of skin between the scrotum and anus* when you feel you’re about to come. This trick produces variable results but helps you to reduce the urge to ejaculate. It will not work the first time around, so practice finding the right spot to put pressure on.

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***Use enhancers. If sheer force of will cannot do the trick, it never hurts to seek a little help from artificial means. Apparently, the market is aware of a guy’s special need to last longer and provided a variety of pharmaceuticals to help you get those extra minutes in bed.

6. Use a thick condom. Most guys hate thick condoms because it lessens the sensation you get during S3@.x:’. But for guys who get overstimulated easily, this might be your newfound best friend.

Thick condoms provide extra safety with its durability. It also lessens the sensation you get from the friction inside her V@.g!na. So if you want to kill two birds with one stone, stock up on those thick condoms.