The Quramo Writers Prize 2017 | MUST SEE

The Quramo Writers’ Prize is a one-of- a-
kind writing competition and award
organized by Quramo Publishing Limited an
independent publishing company
committed to producing the highest quality
content for various audiences. The
company’s portfolio includes Q Books, QLife,
Mango Books, The Quramo Report and CLRN
Everyone has a story inside him or her,
unique to them, only possibly told by them.
The Quramo Writers Prize would encourage
the inclination, the habit, the discipline, and
the art of telling these stories. They are
important because of our collective identity,
the sense of history they convey, because
our stories are who we are.
With an estimated 65,000,000 citizens
scattered among over 250 ethnic groups,
there are many stories out there just
waiting to be told.
The Prize calls for writers to submit
unpublished work of fiction and nonfiction,
and is open in two categories: a general
prize and an under 16 prize. The general
category has a minimum word count of
5,000 words, while the under 16 prize has
an upper limit of 3,000 words.
There will be one winner in each category.
Each winner will receive a cash prize, a
publishing contract, and more.
Participants can submit their work on the
Quramo Publishing website HERE by filling
out the application form and uploading their
Alternatively, manuscripts are accepted via
post/email to the addresses provided. The
under-16 category submissions should
indicate their age on the application form.
This call for submissions is officially open.
The formal ceremony announcing the final
winners will hold in September.

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