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Where Are The Nigerian Female Rappers?

Where Are The Nigerian Female Rappers?

The go head to head between rappers, Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj is likely the most discussed point in the rap group right now. The power of the quarrel between the two is high, with the rap divas included, exchanging warmed words through various diss tunes.

The billow of consideration assembled by this duel has transcended the domain of the Kendricks, Coles and the Drakes, well in any event for the occasion. Most rap music adherents have been dragged to pick sides, despite the fact that a few of us would rather appreciate measuring the cool expressions of assault being exchanged. Truly, on the off chance that you’d ask me, I’d say it regards rearrange the cards once in a while. It is significantly all the more satisfying to see a solid rivalry among female rappers. The feelings, the interest, the profound punchlines and tireless spill of insider facts is engaging. Doubtlessly, the fans are cherishing it.

I chose to take a break from the Nicki/Remy Ma show, to search for comparable type of amusement among the female rappers in Nigeria, however nothing of such can be found. The area for female rappers in the music business in Nigeria looks destroyed, with just inadequate exercises going on. Truth be told, it is hard to call attention to as few as one rap diva making impact directing music right now. In that capacity, discussing a go head to head or solid rivalry among female rappers resembles a long shot.

The correct thing to ask is, the place are the female rappers in Nigeria?

While few of the female rappers of the brilliant period are still in the business, most seem to have changed employments. It is much all the more disheartening to understand that very few female rappers have sprung up as of late. It is looking increasingly like the female rap classification would become further in its devastation.

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Interestingly, the engravings of the period of Sasha, Bouqui, Kel, Muna and the preferences, is still certain. The most obvious opportunity with regards to having a Remy Ma/Nicki-esque diss was in that period. Indeed, most male rappers in that time needed to tread precisely, on the grounds that those young ladies were not kidding hamburger eaters. Sooner or later, new faces joined the female rap classification, they accompanied crude ability and blasting vitality. For example, Pryse. She accompanied a considerable measure of guarantee. She appeared as though she was the genuine article. She had the support of the god-like M.I and the stamp of Chocolate City. Who might uncertainty such ability? Be that as it may, the way it looks now, it shows up she has backed off alongside her companions.

It would appear that quality amusement, of the degree and power of the Remy Ma/Nicki go head to head, can’t be gotten from the present product of Nigerian female rappers, with the exception of obviously, the current female rappers wake up from their sleep or a gathering of flame spitting female rappers are acquainted with the diversion. This, we expectation would happen within the near future.

Composed by Ibironke Oluwatobi