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The Good That Naked Music Does Not Do

muno cool down

There is not really a prevalent music video you will see nowadays on the web or on digital TV that does not contain some type of nakedness or the other. It resembles a cracking condemnation. Actually no, not a revile. Sorry about that. It resembles the characteristic of the monster the blessed book lets us know that without it, in the most recent days, no one can purchase or offer anything. It resembles something told the general population that control what is played and what is not that if the video does not depict half stripped young ladies in one way or the other the video might not be played or advanced.

The scriptural reference is not exacting obviously. Be that as it may, it looks very comparable. The rule is by all accounts just that of interest and supply. Something is requesting the utilization of exposure in our music generation, something important and intense. Be that as it may, what? What is telling our music artistes that they should have half bare young ladies in their music recordings before they can would like to offer their melodies? I will return to this question.

In some cases it is not recently bareness. It is the thing that the vast majority of the melodies allude to in their verses as ‘adoration’. The depiction of this “adoration” is unavoidably as suggestive as the bare recordings. For the most part, there is the superstar, the artiste, with a young lady straggling round the star with exceedingly suggestive signals and sliding body developments. The part is switched if the star is female. Presently it is the male crushing and whimpering without end, as though it needs to eat the very tissue of the young lady star crude, on video.

I think about Timaya’s recordings. I think about Maheeda’s recordings. I think about Tekno’s Pana. I consider Mr Eazi’s Sample you. I consider Korede Bello’s Do Like That. I consider Kiss Daniel’s Woju. These are intense individuals, youthful or something else. These are influencers, with a huge number of youthful devotees via web-based networking media. These are the folks that figure out what my nieces and nephews watch and listen to on the web. Most likely yours as well. Our children, a whole era, are snared on the capable voices of these stars with wave after influx of well known melodies and recordings, all with one subliminal message: nakedness. Take it off. Shake what your mom gave you, which is essentially your bumbum.

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Few guardians watch what their children are viewing nowadays, particularly with the attack of android telephones. When your little girl is twelve she definitely knows how to twerk, most likely from viewing an online video where somebody listening to one genius or the other had twerked. On the other hand she watched Soundcity, which she should not be viewing at that age yet which she does regularly with you, the mother, in the house as well.

The gigantic accomplishment of these delicate porn music recordings is additionally trailed by the star’s inescapable offer of gratitude to God. Na God. We express gratitude toward God. Be that as it may, I exceedingly question if God will present a royal welcome in paradise for the makers of Pana and Naija Bad Girl. It’s profoundly far-fetched.

Yet it is not only here that this dubious trend has taken root. It is a global movement. Recently I watched a video of R Kelly in concert. Female fans were reaching out from the stands to grab his crotch. Lady Gaga once pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties, before a live audience. There is hardly any big live music event these days that will not involve some kind of sexual simulation or the other, on stage.
What is happening?
We have all gone crazy, that is what is happening.
We have all gone sex bat crazy is what has happened. Every guy you see wants to hit every girl he sees. Every girl you see thinks every guy she sees wants to hit her. That is what goes on in these videos almost all the time. And we have all been indoctrinated, thanks to the power of music. Like my nigga Tupac puts it in one of his songs: ‘We are all probably in hell already here, our dumb asses not knowing…’
I concur.
Now let me go back to the force that is driving us sex crazy. In other words, what is telling our music artistes that they must have half naked girls in their music videos before they can hope to sell their songs? The guilty culprit of course is you and I. 2Baba’s Oya Come Make We Go, the most positive song from him in recent times, as far as I am concerned, has got only 1.2m views on youtube last time I checked. Tekno’s Pana, which came out the same 12 month period, is at 14m views and rising. We are the ones telling the stars, by what we are watching, what to sing about.

You see, naked music does a lot of bad to our collective consciousness as human beings. It breaks down taboos. And because of that we have destroyed shame. Nobody is ashamed of nothing no more. I should probably be ashamed of myself for watching Pana video, and worse musical videos. I knew what Tekno offered in the song, talking about his big cassava, which turned out to be more like a peanut (but don’t let me digress). But I wasn’t ashamed of myself and I watched the video, over and over again. Why? Why not, my shameless new self asks me. The video has been watched fourteen million times (and counting) already. And you, good and innocent saint, you would not watch it, because of what exactly? Your name is on God’s book of life and Tekno’s is not? Smh.
You see, naked music does a lot of bad to our collective conscience as human beings. It is the good thing it does that would bring us all down. It makes us feel good. Powerfully good. Naked music makes us feel so good that we no longer feel what we should feel confronted by rank nudity across all media, which is outrage. That good feeling is the wide road that leads to hell. I call it good, only because it comes with pleasant sensual feelings. The moral good feeling is what it does not bring, on the contrary.
The solution is simple. We can pause, or go on with what we’re doing. We can make songs and videos with happy children and laughter, songs with vision and power, that parents can watch with their children. We can talk about the evil in the world, like Bob Marley and dem era did. Or not. We can do whatever we want, that is the meaning of the freedom technology and civilization bought us. The first scenario is not likely.
But if you ever feel there is something wrong with our music videos, hang in there. You are not alone, by no means.