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Syrian music band wants to exchange bombs for guitars

‘One fortunate thing about music,’ sang Bob Marley in Trenchtown Rock, ‘is that when it hits you feel no torment.’ Syrian band Musiqana expects to make this constrain of music felt round the world.

Syria has been overwhelmed in the most wrecking common war for as long as five years, even by Middle East measures. Aleppo in Syria, we as a whole know, has gotten to be tragically the analogy for silly human annihilation.

Musiqana needs all that to change. The gathering is from Syria and they are taking their message of trust and peace to each edge of the globe. This occasion they played in Germany. Germany has been at the fore front of taking in and restoring Syrian exiles since the war began.

The mission of Musiqana is straightforward: supplant the weapons and the bombs with guitars and noisy speakers. Give us a chance to cheer, not shout. Musiqana has been included on different United Nations ventures for peace and they have no prompt arrangements to stop.

Their Berlin show was a wellspring of both immaculate and crude feeling. For some Syrian locals in the group of onlookers wistfulness was more crude than refined.

“I didn’t know whether I ought to cry or be glad,” said Samaa Hijazi, a 20-year-old restorative understudy has been in Germany around five years however experienced childhood in Syria. “I was contemplating the circumstances my dad sang these melodies. I sang them together with my sibling. Also, they are all still in Syria.” Lead vocalist Abdallah Rahhal, 28, is an Aleppo local, and the band’s music is the city’s rendition of Arab Tarab, a conventional Arab music frequently alluded to as “melodic elation,” with enthusiastic and lovely verses, as per Inquirer.

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Here is trusting that the drive of peace quiets the furies of war, in Syria as well as everywhere throughout the world, particularly wherever you call home.

What’s more, for those disturbing for patriot developments in Nigeria, the Biafra instigators and the Niger Delta aggressors, take a gander at Syria and contemplate. It would be ideal if you let us grasp peace in the greater part of our battle. War never help anyone. Peace, siblings.