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SO SAD!! How This Nursery Two Pupil Died Of Rabies After Dog Bite(must read)

The Lagos State Police Command has kept a puppy reproducer on Rufus Olaniyan Estate, Irawo, Ikorodu, Lagos, regarding the passing of a five-year-old kid purportedly murdered by one of the pooches under his care. 
Punch Metro learnt that the suspect, recognized as Lola Jonathan, was captured by the police at the Owode Onirin Police Division and exchanged to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Panti, Yaba. 
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, in an instant message affirmed the capture to a Punch reporter on Thursday. 
“The case was not reported immediately for examination. In any case, the suspect has been captured and taken to the SCIID. Examination is continuous,” she said. 
It was assembled that the canine and 18 others were in Jonathan’s care as his dad, who claims them, scarcely lived on the domain. 
The kid, Jomiloju Odukomaya, was apparently coming back from a shop, where he had gone to purchase a parcel of bread rolls on August 8, when the puppy jumped on him and bit him in the left hand. 
He was said to have contracted rabies from the pooch nibble and in the end kicked the bucket on September 18 at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi Araba. 
Jomiloju’s mom, Mrs. Persistence Odukomaya, deplored that neither Jonathan nor his dad indicate sympathy toward the family over the passing of the Nursery 2 student, approaching the administration and human rights gatherings to take up the matter. 
She said, “I took him to a facility quickly the canine piece him and the injury was dealt with. Around two weeks after, he began showing some odd signs. He shouted, yelped and was dribbling at the mouth. 
“I took him to Randle Hospital on September 13 and a test directed on him demonstrated that he had contracted rabies. The doctor’s facility alluded us to the LUTH. He kicked the bucket five days after. 
“While he was getting treatment, Jonathan came to mind him at my shop. Yet, when he learnt that he was dead, he quit coming and imagined as though the canine wasn’t his. I have lost my home; I would prefer not to lose equity. My significant other pointed the finger at me for the episode; while that was not the first run through Jomiloju would go to purchase things himself,” she included. 
Persistence said she had been moving starting with one place then onto the next with her one-year-old little girl since September 19 when her better half asked her to take a hike as a result of the matter, adding that Jonathan was determined to concede that his puppy bit Jomiloju. 
“Three weeks prior, I went to the house. The minute he (Jonathan) located me, he kept running inside. I went to the Owode Onirin Police Station and a policeman tailed me there. He didn’t turn out. The policeman couldn’t enter in light of the fact that his pooches had been unleashed on the premises. They are around 19. He was in the long run captured on Tuesday.” 
At the point when a Punch journalist went to the home last Thursday, Jonathan’s neigbour, Hamzat Olawale, said he was not around. 
He said, “When he (Jonathan) learnt that a pooch bit the kid, he went to his mom since he is well disposed to everyone. I likewise felt for her. She didn’t permit the kid to have legitimate therapeutic treatment. 
“Also, there is no proof to demonstrate that it was our canine that bit the kid. A few puppies do come into our compound to play with our own. She thought it was our canine since we used to visit the kid to know his wellbeing condition. We have 19 canines and nobody has ever griped that the mutts bit them.” 
At the point when the journalist backtracked to the habitation on Sunday, Olawale said the case was at that point with the police. 
The Chairman of the Lagos State part of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association, Dr Alao Mobolaji, who affirmed that Jomiloju kicked the bucket of rabies, called for more grounded enactment on puppy raising. 
He said, “The mother has gotten post-presentation vaccination against rabies in light of the fact that the kid bit her before he kicked the bucket. Pooch proprietors ought to dependably guarantee their canines are immunized against rabies. They ought to disparage veterinary specialists. They ought not permit their pooches to stray around the area. Jomiloju’s case is only one among numerous.”
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