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SHOCKING:Heartbreaking Story!! Startimes Operations Manager Dies From Fire Burn Months To His Wedding (PHOTOGRAPHY)

A Startimes Operations Manager in Minna, Niger state named Damilare Oladapo Oluwafeyisan, 35 grimly passed away on Monday, seventeenth, October, 2016 subsequent to affliction a serious fire mischance from an electric generator blast.

As indicated by his life partner – Miss Temitope Makinde who addressed Tori News, Mr. Oluseyisan affectionately called Dre was helping his neighbor to switch off the apparently flawed creating set around 12:15am on Sunday, the sixteenth of October when the gadget mysteriously burst into flames which quickly spread over his body.

Dre writhed in deplorable anguish as endeavors were made to put off the fire that had wrapped his whole body saving his face alone.

The casualty was quickly raced to the General Hospital Minna, Niger state where he at long last surrendered the phantom at 9:30pm the next day (Monday) because of the asserted carelessness, lacking therapeutic mechanical assembly and gross inadequacy of restorative authorities on obligation.

Miss Temitope who portrayed the convoluted experience of Dre to Tori News in the midst of wildly tears and wrathful activity trusts the doctor’s facility evidently exacerbated the officially basic state of her partner, who was at that point making unhinged arrangements to wed her in May, 2017.

“My Dre shouldn’t have kicked the bucket by any stretch of the imagination. No specialist was accessible to treat him. The accessible medical attendants just put him on dribbles with no solid treatment techniques while he toiled to get by in unbearable pain” Temitope said in an overwhelming voice.

“Truth be told, you won’t trust the healing facility had no medications at all and other medicinal units for mishap casualties. The medical caretakers continued alluding us to purchase stuffs outside the doctor’s facility premises” she proceeded.

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“It was completely clear that Dre was passing on as his method of breathing changed and his pulse was unpredictable while he moved from one side of the bed to the next in agonizing uneasiness” Temitope asserted as tears moved down her cheeks.

At the point when Tori News tested further about the profundity of the medicinal treatment, she uncovered painkillers were managed to him to stifle his turbulent wellbeing condition however they demonstrated incapable as the patient remained absolutely temperamental.

“He laid on his wiped out bed insufficiently clad at an open ward in the full glare of general society after his smoldered skin was peeled. His garments and bed sheets must be changed repetitively as they were constantly doused in his body liquids”

“He turned into a question of sensitivity as various individuals gazed at his extreme skin smolders with sympathy”

“What harms me more than anything else is that no specialist was accessible to take care of my life partner as he dieed gradually because of loss of vitality”

After considerations, Dre’s eldest sibling – Tunde, Temitope and other friends and family who were with him at the crisis ward chose to exchange him to a standard healing center in Abuja with enhanced medicinal offices as his reverberating cries leased the quality of the ward without satisfactory restorative consideration.

Their choice was obstructed by a bureaucratic strategy – approved referral letter from the restorative specialist in control who was no place close to his office from the evening time frame till the night subsequently leaving the hapless Dre to the chilly hands of death.

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As indicated by Temitope, all endeavors to achieve the restorative specialist demonstrated purposeless till Dre steadily began biting the dust. The good looking and encouraging young fellow who watched his National Youth Service program nearby Temitope in the year 2011 at Akwete, Ukwa East Local Government Area – Abia State was at long last affirmed dead at 9:30pm on Monday after he lost awareness.

Temitope, a government worker situated in Kano wishes she could wake up from the bad dream of her beau’s unexpected end as the family grieves him interminably.

“On the off chance that tears could reestablish the life of a dead individual, Dre would have been back with me at this point as I can’t simply be supported about the misfortune” she bemoaned.

“I need individuals particularly the legislature to know the significance of having satisfactory wellbeing offices and very much prepared therapeutic work force in the nation. Numerous promising existences of skilled heads have been lost to the nonattendance of sufficient restorative offices in government doctor’s facilities.”

“My Dre was extremely shrewd, persevering, continually touching lives, grinning and once in a while gets furious however I have lost him” she finished up.

Dre has since been covered at a graveyard in Minna by his family on Tuesday, the eighteenth of October, 2016. Dre was the fifth child of his mom who had six young men hailed from Ijebu in Ogun State yet he experienced childhood in Kano city.

Temitope met Dre amid their administration year in the South-eastern piece of Nigeria and the couple began off as dear companions for more than 5 years before they later became hopelessly enamored with each other in August this year.

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